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JORDI DE SANT JORDI (1395?-1424)


WITHOUT FRIENDS (Translation by Angela Buxton)

Without friends, goods and master,
in a strange place and in a strange region,
far from everything good, tired of worry and sadness,
my will and thought captivated,
I find myself completely subject to an evil power;
I see no one who will take care of me,
and I am guarded, caught, shackled and imprisoned,
for which I blame my sad fortune.

I saw times when nothing satisfied me;
now I am content with what makes me sad,
and now I appreciate more the light shackles
than before I did the most beautiful embroidery.
I see that fortune has shown its power
over me, wanting me to reach this point;
but I don't care, for I have done my duty
to all good people in whose company I am.

It is nothing for me to suffer all these wrongs
compared to the one which breaks my heart,
and every day it makes me crack with hope:
I see nothing that can give us a push
in preparing our liberation.