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AUSIAS MARCH (1397 - 1459)


[29] (Translation by Angela Buxton)

Like the bull which takes flight into the wilderness
when overcome by another which forces him,
and does not return until he musters the strength
to destroy the one which banished him,
so must I also go away from you,
for your gesture has confused my effort;
I shall not return until I have completely banished
the great fear which prevents my happiness.
[81] (Translation by Angela Buxton)

Just like he who sees himself near death,
going through hardships, through perils at sea,
and sees a place where he can find his ease
and cannot reach it for his evil luck;
like him I pass through these hard times
and see you, who might cure all my ills:
and now despaired of achieving my desires,
I'll circle the world, telling of your pride.